The Mumbida Wind Farm begandevelopment in 2001.

The original project plan consisted of 50 turbines rated at 600kW each. Over time, the size of turbines has increased and the project now incorporates 22 turbines rated at 2,500kW each.

A Planning Application was lodged with the City of Greater Geraldton Council in June 2009, with approval being received in August 2009. Due to the low environmental impact of the Project, a formal environmental assessment was not required by either the state or federal environment departments.

Agreement was reached with local landowners during 2009 and 2010. Long term agreements were secured to enable the wind farm to be operated on the land for its 20 year life.

Project Documents were executed in May 2011.

Site works began in July 2011 with a consortium of Leightons Contractors and GE Wind Energy building the wind farm.

Mumbida Wind Farm was completed and became fully operational in 2013, with the official opening held on 27 September 2013.